Welcome To My Playground!


“If you wanna play with me wanna stay with me
You’d better come here now” — NCT 127



Bad News!

Now, you’re stuck on My Channel. But, don’t worry! There’s still a Good Thing, Babe!

You can choose your favorite TV below and enjoy every channel you like with just one click!


Need another TV? Just request what you need by comment on this page, or click name in ‘CITY 127‘, or find it in ‘LIMITLESS‘!


◊◊ A Helpful Guides to AYUSHAFIRAA’s CHANNEL ◊◊
TV = Fandom/Idols
Channel = Fanfiction
BOSS = Owner
LIMITLESS = Search whatever you want
WE GO UP = Follow this blog and get email notifications for the latest posts
COMEBACK = Calendar, publication date
WAKEY-WAKEY = Recent posts
BABY DON’T STOP = Most viewed posts
ANGEL = Someone who leaving comments on posts
TOUCH = Keep in touch with owner
CITY 127 = List of casts
PARADISE = Fanfiction area, PM 01:27 (Chaptered-fic), AM 01:27 (Oneshot/Series)
WHIPLASH = How to get password for restricted area
CHEWING GUM = Covershop



Turn on your tv, love my channel, and play!^^



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